One-Sentence Journals for Inspiration


journalsI came across an idea about keeping a one-sentence journal to improve happiness, and thought they could be helpful for improving my business, too.

I’m very intimidated by the thought of keeping a personal journal. I’ve tried to do it many times, but I can never keep it up. I always end up with a lot of (nearly) blank notebooks and journals lying around.

The one-sentence journal concept seems a lot more manageable and possibly even more helpful, at least in one sense. When I have kept a journal for any length of time, I don’t really go back through it, but it would be quite easy to flip through a one-sentence journal for ideas and inspiration.  (Plus, it provides an excuse to buy several of those tiny journals in a variety of styles or colors.)

The possibilities for using them are endless. For example, in one sentence, how could you:

…increase your business?

Comment on other blogs more often.
Write one more blog entry a week.
Start an email newsletter.

…improve your business?

Implement a better system for tracking expenses.
Outsource 20 percent of your work.
Find ways to cut costs.

…increase your productivity?

Focus on one thing at a time.
Work from a list.
Create a schedule.

…make better use of your time off?

Take a walk.
Don’t watch television.

Another thought would be to use a one-sentence journal to capture ideas for article topics. If you write at all, you know how hard it can be to come up with something to write about for your blog or newsletter. You could also use one to collect one-sentence business ideas.

You could separate the journals by topic or theme, using one color for business, one for personal, one for writing ideas, etc. Then, when you have some spare time or when you’re struggling with a particular issue, you can pull out the related journal and find ideas and inspiration in just a few seconds.

Do you keep a daily journal? How does it help you in life and business? How do you integrate it into your day so that maintaining it becomes part of your routine?

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I love the idea. It’s interesting that I just saw another blog that mentioned John Quincy Adams’ short entry journals.

For one thing, if you have goals, you can write one line about what you did with your goals daily.


This is a great point. I keep my planner with me at all times. It includes monthly calendars on two pages, and in the back, I have numerous tabs. The tabs include Projects, Work, Notes, Financial, etc.

If I get an idea regarding my website,, I write it down immediately. I review my notes periodically. If I like an idea enough to implement it, I transfer the task to my Projects tab and assign a completion date.

I even have a “Journal” tab near the back for personal thoughts…dating, networking, etc. I’ve never thought of this a one-liner journals, but that’s what I do.

D. Robinson


Hi Amber,

This is a good idea and I appreciate the way you have developed it in your post.

What I like is that it provides a simple, almost no-effort way of developing a skill – in this case, writing. The key is obviously in the discipline of doing it regularly.

Best, Robin

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