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NBC Taps Facebook (not Hulu) for Community Premiere

Community_2NBC (s GE) posted an early look at the pilot of its upcoming show Community online, but you won’t find it on the network’s site, or even the NBC-owned Hulu. If you want a sneak peek at the new sitcom, you have to become a fan of it on Facebook.

The networks are bound to try out a lot of different promotions to boost audience numbers (and get those upfront ad dollars back up), but this is worth mentioning for a couple of reasons. First, as noted, NBC isn’t driving traffic to or Hulu with this offer. Last year, Hulu’s relationships with its network parents made it the go-to place for first looks of the fall season. That could still happen again this year (with the addition of ABC content) as the fall season premieres get closer, but Facebook is first out of the gate.

The move also further validates Facebook as a burgeoning video powerhouse. To our knowledge, this is the first network programming premiere that the social network has hosted. Facebook is already exerting itself as a personal video sharing platform — extending that influence into premium content should have the folks at Hulu HQ concerned. Sure Hulu has Facebook Connect, but that’s still one step removed from putting the show right where people are already interacting and sharing what they like. Additionally, with Facebook, as opposed to other sites, the fan additions, comments and reviews are from real people — not anonymous rabble-rousers looking to post “U R Stooopid” a hundred times.

25 Responses to “NBC Taps Facebook (not Hulu) for Community Premiere”

  1. Well what’s the point in creating an anonymous or phony page on facebook. Normal people create their profile to keep in touch with their family and friends. All the people on my facebook are actually my REAL friends or my REAL family…so what’s the point in creating a fake profile. Yes that’s correct you can come up with a yahoo account and you can create a facebook page in a matter of minutes, but what’s the point. It’s not like myspace where you just browse people in your age group, or browse people that have the same interests. It’s a much older crowd on facebook with your few young ones thrown in there and we are all talking with people we actually KNOW!

  2. The only problem is that the Community pilot episode froze at minute 20 on Facebook. Not just for me. For everyone, it seems.

    Presenting the show in a hyper-active community like Facebook makes a lot of sense, but having it play all the way through would be better… Considering that those hundreds of millions of Facebookers are now spreading the world of the #NBCFail, I think they would have rather made a mistake on (the less trafficked) Hulu at this point.

    • “Presenting the show in a hyper-active community like Facebook makes a lot of sense, but having it play all the way through would be better”

      I don’t think anyone’s going to argue with you there, Alec! Did you like what you saw up to minute 20?