Turbine Adds $6.6 Million In Funding To Its Gaming War Chest; Raising $50 Million


The Lord of the Rings Online publisher Turbine is in fund-raising mode again: the massively-multiplayer online (MMO) gaming company has picked up nearly $6.6 million worth of a posed $50 million fourth round of funding, per an SEC filing.

Turbine’s list of previous backers is lengthy, including biggies like *Time Warner*, Columbia Capital and GGV; we’re trying to confirm who participated in this new investment.

The game publisher and developer has raised around $88 million in funding since 2003; it has mostly spent money acquiring the rights to various game IP (like Tolkien’s LoTR franchise), and Asheron’s Call from *Microsoft*. But given the recent interest in in-game payment platforms and virtual commerce companies, Turbine could be prepping for an acquisition — particularly if one of its upcoming games lets players use real money to buy virtual goods.

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