I&B Ministry Issues Advisory On H1N1 Flu Coverage To News Channels

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The ministry of information and broadcasting issued an advisory to the News Broadcasting Association, an industry body of news channels, against spreading panic with their coverage of the H1N1 flu that is fast spreading across the country. The advisory was issued on Friday evening, said editors of two news channels who asked not to be named. The situation has been deteriorating rapidly with panic spread across cities such as Pune, Mumbai and Chennai, where those infected with H1N1 virus, popularly known as swine flu, have died.

The advisory was issued when the panic was not yet so widespread and an atmosphere of an epidemic outbreak prevailed only in Pune. Since then, deaths have been reported from other cities as well. Some schools have been closed in New Delhi. Union health minister Ghulam Nabi Azad adressed the media today afternoon and said the government may set up a war room to deal with the viral disease.

“News coverage is always a subjective thing. Some may feel that we are exaggerating matters, and we respect all viewpoints. But between Friday and now, things have gotten much worse, and may be we were right to point out the severity of the situation from day one,” said the editor of a leading news network, who asked not to be named. “There’s panic among people. Schools, malls and cinemas are being shut. We are not spreading any panic”.

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Lord Haw Haw

yeah right…

The damned blanket coverage day in and out would make you think that the world is coming to an end. To editor who said "there is panic among people". You helped create and spread the panic.


Just tune in to CNN/BBC. Barely a mention, when there have been hundreds and thousands of deaths in the US and across the world.

More people die of regular flu in this country and he says "We are not spreading any panic" indeed. Where is the coverage on regular flu and tuberculosis deaths?

How the F… did he get to be an editor?

and he prefers not to be named? What a wuss.

The government should stop disclosing a bodycount. Just like the CDC has ceased (albeit for different reasons) to do.


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