Google Previews 'Next-Gen Architecture' For Its Search Engine


Microsoft’s Bing may be getting praise for supposedly bringing innovation back to the search market, but secretly a large team at Google (NSDQ: GOOG) has been working on its own project to create “a next-generation architecture for Google’s web search.” In a post this evening, Google announced a preview of the new architecture — which you can test here — in order to gather feedback. Google says the project is “the first step in a process that will let us push the envelope on size, indexing speed, accuracy, comprehensiveness and other dimensions.”

The basic set up of results looks the same — but searching for the same query in the preview of the new architecture and in Google’s standard search engine brings up a slightly different order of results. It’s not completely clear however where the differences lie (After conducting a few test queries, I couldn’t immediately say whether the new results were necessarily better).

Google says that because the new infrastructure “‘sits ‘under the hood of Google’s search engine … most users won’t notice a difference in search results. But web developers and power searchers might notice a few differences.” The search giant also emphasizes that it’s all still a work in progress, adding that some “parts of this system aren’t completely finished yet.”


Joseph Tartakoff

Yep. Mashable runs a bunch of queries on both the new and old versions and can't find many significant differences:

Results supposedly show up faster in the new version but they weren't exactly slow before.

— Joe Tartakoff,

ed dunn

"<i>But web developers and power searchers <b>might</b> notice a few differences</i>"

This is pretty vague….

Tameka Kee

Hmmm. Every day, it seems like Microsoft's progress (albeit slow) with Bing has actually sparked some fear in the Google-plex. Interesting.

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