Weekend Vid Picks: Hat Tip to the Daily What

We at NewTeeVee have countless ways by which we discover new viral videos — email, Twitter, other blogs, IM, TV, the weekly phone call to the folks back home — but I want to call attention to one particular source that’s been very, very kind to us in recent months: The Daily What. A Tumblr blog focused on pop culture and Internet trends that’s currently ranked No. 4 in popularity in the U.S., The Daily What is also an aggregator with an eerie talent for picking out soon-to-be-viral successes.

And its taste leans delightfully toward the absurd. Without it, I never would have found out why Captain Kirk climbed that mountain:

Or come across this mash-up of two fantastic Internet cats:

Or this video of Amanda Palmer covering Cat Stevens’ If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out, which was organized flash-mob style via Twitter. (From the closing credits: “Twitter empowers artists and audiences by cutting out the middleman.”)

The Daily What isn’t our only resource, nor is it the best. But you’d better believe that when we beat them to something, we feel good about it.

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