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So What Other Parts Microsoft May Sell? Massive?

Say what you will about Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT), at least it has been progressive enough in disposing of ad-related units that become non-core (or mismanaged, depending on whom you speak to). Earlier this year it sold off FranchiseGator to Landmark Interactive and now Razorfish. One of the other units we’ve been hearing is for sale is Massive Inc, the in-game ad company Microsoft bought three years ago for about $280 million. In May Massive laid off about 28 percent of the staff, amidst larger layoffs at parent Microsoft and the general downturn in the in-game ad sector.

The rumor we have heard is that MSFT will sell Massive at a fraction of the cost it bought it for. Despite the fact that Massive had a massive lead in the in-game ad sector — it announced several major ad deals with big gaming companies, including *Activision* — it may say something about the state of the sector itself. This follows a rival IGA Worldwide also putting itself up for sale earlier this year. More as we find out more…tips, anonymous or otherwise, appreciated (tip box in right hand column).