Android This Week: Amazon Storms the Platform

gigaom_icon_google-android Android (s goog) took a giant leap into the mainstream this week with the release of an app for mobile phones running on the Google Android OS. With it, now Android phone users can comparison shop on Amazon while on the go.

The Amazon App for Android utilizes the Amazon Remembers technology, which essentially lets users search for things they want to purchase by taking pictures of them. Snap an item you’re looking to buy and Amazon will search its store and the inventory of some 9,000 other online merchants to find it or something like it. Or if you have a specific make and model in mind, use the phone’s camera to scan its barcode, and Amazon will search for it that way. And if you do find what you’re looking for, the app uses the same secure online purchase system as Amazon’s web site.

Also this week, a list of the top 10 smartphones in the U.S. was released by IDC research, and the T-Mobile G1 was ranked 7th, the original Android phone that was released last year. The list ranks smartphones based on umber of units shipped, and as such demonstrates the rising popularity of Android phones.