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Win a Copy of WinAutomation 3.0 Professional Edition, Worth $199

Earlier this week, Meryl reviewed WinAutomation, a package that lets you automate many of the routine tasks you do every day on Windows PCs. The kind folks at WinAutomation have offered us three copies of the Professional Edition of the tool, worth $199 each, to give away to WebWorkerDaily readers. To get a chance to win, leave a comment below, letting us know how you would use automation to improve your productivity and reduce wasted time. The best three answers (as selected by WinAutomation’s Jag Foo) will win a WinAutomation 3.0 Professional Edition license. Entries close midnight PDT, Sunday, August 8, and we’ll announce the winners next week.

18 Responses to “Win a Copy of WinAutomation 3.0 Professional Edition, Worth $199”

  1. Thomas Griffith

    I do Volunteer work for the City, Red Cross and Southern Baptists in Disaster relief. As I do book keeping for one of these organizations, I find plenty of opportunities to do repetitive tasks. This program could assist me in my efforts to spend more time making processes better and less time with repetitive tasks.

  2. Hi,

    Here’s my ideas for using WinAutomation.

    Get Niche Ideas

    Grabs data from Google Trends, “Read Inside” books on Amazon for researching new niche ideas.

    Blog Creation

    Blogger Blogs.
    Use tool to check for expired blogs with more than x links. Register these blogs with my email and theme. Posts using unique content when needed.

    WordPress Blogs
    a) Keyword research using any Google Keyword Suggestion tool
    Select keywords based on searches more than X and competition less than Y

    b) Extract articles with searches more than x views from ezine articles. Extract keypoints from these articles and write a few
    unique articles

    c) register a domain with same or similiar name with Namecheap

    d) install a WordPress blog

    e) upload a new theme

    f) log into WP

    g) activate theme

    h) upload favorite plugins

    i) activate plugins

    j) change permalinks, delete the default “Hello World” post

    k) Add new pages for ‘Contact Us’ and ‘Privacy Policy’

    l) Make 2 article posts in the blog

    m) Setup optin box in the blog

    n) Load x emails into autoresponder series

    o) Create aweber form, update the optin box with the aweber codes

    Article Marketing

    Create recording to crawl top article directories based on index data and referral clicks. Create spins of unique article,
    resource boxes, article summaries and titles. Submit these to list of article directories. Build different login and logoff scripts to
    monitor clickthrough data.


    Create script to search Google for rankings. Use WinAutomation to write a new title, description and keyword tags for each page and rotates them for the best combination.

    I have more ideas, but thought I will submit these first.


  3. WinAutomation would replace some of the hundreds of repetitive daily, weekly and monthly tasks I use to keep the various different systems, databases, and programs working correctly and in sync. Many of these tasks are based on all sorts of different triggers which WinAutomation appear to be able to handle.

    I would use it to automate the reporting I do in excel by running sql queries on the various database I need info from and have that info aggregated in excel before I get to work. I would use it to automate the processing on images for our website, including auto resizing, naming, and uploading to our ftp server. The fact that this batch image work could be done based on a the trigger of the file being copied to a specific folder is great!

    This could actually free up about 10% of my daily work!

  4. alisoncross

    What would I do with this package if I won it?

    I’d rather tell you what I *wouldn’t* do

    I wouldn’t need to extend my working week into a Friday night. I wouldn’t need to sit here on a Sunday evening staring at my screen and wondering how to get some kind of handle on the amount of work that I do routinely – resizing pix and changing the format – for websites….

    But since you want to know what I WOULD do, I can tell you straight – I would get my life back.

    Alison Cross

  5. I would be using Winautomation for several tasks as a internet marketer. I would use it to log into my affiliate accounts grab my csv copy of sales and reports. Then save into a folder on my desktop. I would have it do the same with the csv reports for Google analytics. With the Google analytic keyword csv reports I would then have it open up my favorite keyword/seo tool tool import the csv file with the the keywords and have my keywords/seo tool do a competition analysis on my 3 top keywords for the previous day and of my competitors and their ranking and export that csv to a file. I would then have Winautomation email my folder of results to my email so I could open that in any web browser and fetch the results myself no matter where I am located just as long as I have a computer/laptop available. This would save me about 60-90 minutes a day.

    I would also be creating a weekly keyword list in excel and have Winautomation run through that list once a week by importing the results into my favorite keyword tool and then have it export the results as a csv file.

  6. The automated forum searching is a seriously appealing feature – WinAutomation would help us be more responsive to our group’s customers by quickly finding the relevant posts. No more searching through thousands of threads manually to find specific keywords. Thanks! :)

  7. Hi,
    I’m a game programmer and I have some experiences with a similar product called ‘FinalBuilder’. I’m a fan of DRY principle also. I usually creates AutoIt scripts to automate mundane tasks. I’m curious how WinAutomation can boost my productivity more.

    Give me a chance! Thank you.

  8. Gaurav Kumar

    I am a network admin and I get easily frustrated by performing repeated tasks every other day. I am really in need of WinAutomation 3.0 Pro. It seems like this is the ultimate tool to ease my daily tasks.
    Thank You

  9. In my busy life of SysAdmin I use a lot of different automation tools – scheduled scripts in diverse environment of some 150 servers, various Outlook templates for reporting, etc. The biggest gap that I’m looking to fill is sending daily reports over email.
    Existing CLI mail tools (bmail and such) do not allow for rich HTML content which I’m trying to use. I would like to try to bridge
    this gap using WinAutomation tool.

  10. Oh, so many choices! Here’s some of the things I’d do:

    * I’d set up a daily check for new MP3 in amazon music downloads folder. If files were found, I’d clean them (Amazon tags them in a way my MP3 player doesn’t like), then back them up and move them to my music folder on my server.
    * I’d check periodically for comments in my blog (servers hosted here) and send myself an email if any of them looked spammy.
    * I’d set up a way to automatically resize images (with a new file name), and then upload the newly resized version onto my blog so it was ready for use.

  11. gregsmithsays

    WinAutomation makes POWER BROWSING possible.

    I’m a News Addict and have 2900+ bookmark favorites and automation of these routine browsing tasks would be my priority.

    Using WinAutomation, my 30 page per minute browsing rate would be boosted by setting up launches and ‘pre-fetching’ of my favorites allowing me to Win Flip through and close rather than open pages.

    WinAutomation could cut effective ‘reading time’ by 30 min+ per day and further return extra time saving through automation of push-pull like functions for of email, RSS and Feed gathering.

    A smart phone bloggers dream !

  12. Steve B

    I write alot of web applications, and as of lately I have been using time triggered events to run. I have one application called Z-CRON but i’m not happy with it. I could switch over to CRON jobs or SQL Triggered Events, or windows scheduled tasks with BAT file. WinAutomation would be a god send to keep track of all these events. Plus the UI looks sexy!

  13. Actually there are many ways to make good use of WinAutomation. But i would primarily use this tool for clearing temporary files and folder automatically because these temporary files and folders give my computer directories a very cluttered look.

    Also being a blogger i liked the data mining feature because that will help me in finding out the topic of my interest to blog about at my blog and at last i would use it for automated Twitter Status Updating too.

  14. I would utilize WinAutomation to automate AutoCAD Drawing print jobs. My company is way too cheap to spring for the full version of AutoCAD which has batch printing built in so I only have access to the LT version which requires manual printing. It is a terrible time waster when there are hundreds of drawings that need to printed and there are much more important things to do like find somewhere else to work that has competent tools for the job.