Palm Pre Has 73 Homebrew Apps with an Easy Installation Method

palm-pre-homebrewOriginally, I said I wasn’t going to install that MyTether software on the Palm Pre, but I’m about to change my mind. That’s the software that enables 3G modem tethering for the Pre and even connection sharing over Wi-Fi. Why the flip-flop on my direction? That’s simple — because PreCentral just made it incredibly easy to install homebrew software to the Palm Pre.

The site has a small Java application that works on both PC and Mac. Using that application and the not-so-secret hack to put your Pre in Developer Mode, it’s simple to install any of the apps in the homebrew catalog. One of the first apps recommended is FileCoaster, which allows for browsing the homebrew catalog and installing apps directly. It’s like a mini Application Catalog on it’s own!

There are over 70 titles available now, and given how we’ve only seen two new Palm Pre apps in the official catalog since launch, I suspect we’ll see many more homebrew titles appear soon.


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