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MTV Gets Pranked by CollegeHumor

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From the network that brought you Punk’d comes Pranked, a new show hosted by CollegeHumor‘s Streeter Seidell and Amir Blumenfeld (though to be fair Pranked seems nothing like Ashton Kutcher’s old show). From the press announcement:


The new show for the Thursday night block is Pranked, a 30-minute program that showcases the best pranks ever caught on camera and posted online. Known for their seven part Prank War, which has received over 5 million views online, hosts, College’s Streeter Seidell & Amir Blumenfeld, provide commentary during each episode. The internet celebrities bring their humor to television as viewers watch homemade pranks that are engineered, executed and filmed by kids and normal everyday people, with no help from producers, professional editors or cameramen. When it comes to silly humor, MTV curates the best online pranks and couples it with the best comedic commentary.

What does this mean for MTV’s The College Humor Show, which wasn’t a ratings hit, and hasn’t been renewed yet? That’s still up in the air. From Seidell’s tumblr:

While we still do not know the fate of our beloved CollegeHumor Show, Amir and I are going to be hosting a new show on MTV.

Not that we want to brag, but our very own Liz Shannon Miller called this back in March when she wrote about CH’s Prank War:

One good thing to come of all this conflict, though: If the sketch show doesn’t work out, then they’ve got a format that I bet the MTV audience will LOVE.

And for those who are forgetful or just plain missed it the first time around, here’s an installment of Seidell and Blumenfeld’s “Half Million Dollar Shot” prank. It’s doubtful that the pranks found on the show will live up to this level of quality, but with those two hosting, it should at least be fun to watch.

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