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Limelight Co-Founder Chooses Akamai

Remember how last week we talked about white-label video providers clamoring to align themselves with Akamai (s AKAM)? Contentinople has the eye-catching story today that a new video platform lead by the founding CEO of Limelight (s LLNW) has switched its business almost exclusively to former rival Akamai as well.

Unicorn Media, which launched a version of its service last year with Limelight as its default, will now use Akamai as its preferred CDN partner. In explaining the switch, CEO Bill Rinehart, who had co-founded Limelight, reportedly praised Akamai for its partnering abilities, saying “They really get it, in terms of how they are moving their revenue stream up the stack. They want to create the most robust ecosystem that they can.” By “robust,” he apparently means “crowded,” because Akamai also has partnerships with video platforms Delve Networks, KickApps, VMIX, Multicast, Onstream Media, VBrick and KIT Digital.

Though the move clearly doesn’t reflect kindly on Limelight, there’s the complicating issue of Limelight’s tight partnership with video platform competitor (and in many people’s eyes, the market leader) Brightcove. From Contentinople:

“Quite frankly, I think the rest of the industry looks at Limelight and sees that Brightcove is a huge portion of their revenues,” Rinehart said. According to Rinehart, that relationship might have a limiting effect on the number of video management firms that would also align themselves with Limelight.

Unicorn had initially launched with the intent of connecting artists and fans, but now it wants to power video for media companies. It recently brought on David Rice, formerly VP of marketing at Move Networks, as chief strategy officer. It has raised $5 million from its executives and angel investors, and has 25 employees.

3 Responses to “Limelight Co-Founder Chooses Akamai”

  1. How Is This News?

    It’s amazing what passes for news these days.

    The co-founder of Limelight, who was forced out of his position with the company, has chosen to use Limelight’s competitor for delivery, for a business that has no customers today and is a start-up. Who’s suprised by this? That’s news? Revenue impact to Akamai = zero. Impact on the industry = zero.

    How is that considered an “eye-catching story”. I expect more from this site.

  2. It’s interesting to me that Ryan’s written two articles about this company in two days (especially given that they’ve been flying under the radar), and I think these two moves are certainly evidence that this Unicorn Media is a company we should all watch out for…even in the “crowded” video platform space. They clearly have some pretty big players on their exec team as well.

    Looking forward to seeing what unravels with them.