Would You Strap a Phone to your Thigh for $30?


thiphoneTired of holding that phone when you’re sitting, but have no place to put it down? Yup there’s an app a solution for that. The Thiphone straps a handheld to your thigh, so you don’t have to worry about finding a spot to place your handset. I can see how it frees up your hands in a situation where there’s no flat surface nearby and you still need to see your screen. The Thiphone holds a phone by using a suction cup, so it ought to work with bunches of devices. It also angles your phone so that it’s not flat on your thigh. Actually, leaving it flat might have had another benefit — you could lift your leg to get an ab crunch going. ;)

Even though I run, my thighs are small, so I could probably use a large armband with my phones. That would save me the $29.95 for this accessory. But I’m likely in the minority on that, so if you’ve got thunder thighs and want to put down the phone, hit up the Thiphone store.


John in Norway

Would this interfere with my stockings and suspenders?


i’d strap a knife or a gun to my thigh… but maybe not a phone.


Two words for everyone who thinks this is a good idea: “Iron Eagle”.



I would say that BECAUSE you run you have small thighs. Running builds leaner (endurance) muscles. Strength training builds bigger. Biking would tend to do this – but perhaps running while pushing a football sled would work tho. ;)

kevin hughes

think the thigh holster has more potential, i mean seriously how lazy / determined to look like an idiot do you have to be to strap a phone to your leg when youre on the bus?!


@Mark – sometimes, you just want to voice a good idea, ok?


@Daniel – I don’t think this is meant to be a holster that you carry your phone around in. It sounds more like it is for use when you are sitting for long periods of time and have nowhere to set the phone down, like on a bus or train.


Whenever my wife wears a sundress, she’s always asking me to hold her phone. I have to say that a thigh holster would be perfect in that kind of situation.

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