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Vid-Biz: Redbox, Canoe, Dr. Horrible

Fox Goes to War with Redbox; studio orders wholesalers to stop supplying discs to the DVD rental kiosk company for 30 days after a film is released. Fox says the $1 rental diminishes rental revenue and cannibalizes DVD sales. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Comcast: Canoe will Generate Revenue Next Year; cable co. says Canoe is waiting on EBIF technology to roll out to allow for TV activity. (The Business Insider)

Dark Horse to Create a Dr. Horrible Print Comic; the one-shot will be written by Joss Whedon’s brother, Zack. (Comics Alliance)

Will the Rumored Netflix iPhone App Use Downloads? Theory suggests it would be one way to get around the need to be constantly connected. (Epicenter Blog) But before we get to a wireless Netflix future, learn how the company gets those red envelopes to your mailbox so fast. (Chicago Tribune)

Elgato Video Capturing Software Reviewed; bring memories trapped on VHS tapes into the digital world. (The Apple Blog)

Chad Hurley Invests in U.S. Formula 1 Racing Team; will a YouTube-sponsored car ever cross the finish line? (TechCrunch)