Samsung’s Green Phone — Will It Save the Planet?

samsung-reclaimBack in February, we saw T-Mobile get in on the “green” scene with the Motorola Renew. The trend to help the environment continues today with Sprint — the carrier is releasing the Samsung Reclaim next week says Katie at earth2tech. While the housing of T-Mobile’s Renew is made completely from recyclable materials, the ¬†Samsung Reclaim is only 80% from old plastic. The housing itself is 40% bioplastic from corn, so keep it away from butter. We wouldn’t want you to mistake it for a tasty cob.

Actually, there’s no chance of mistaking that the Reclaim is a phone. The green colored casing does a fair job at that, as do the features. This is where the Reclaim might appeal more than a Renew, even though both are environmentally friendly. The Samsung is one of those “more than a feature-phone, but not quite a smartphone” handsets, while the Renew is a surely a plain ol’ phone. Samsung’s Reclaim offers 3G, GPS, and a ¬†full QWERTY keypad not to mention one-click access to MySpace, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

The Reclaim won’t take too much green from your wallet either — $50 and a two-year contract with Sprint is all it takes to claim a Reclaim.