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Green Cell Phones — Trend or Fad?

SamsungReclaimGreen.closed.smallCell phone makers and wireless carriers looking for ways to “green” their image are adding eco features — such as energy-efficient chargers and biomaterials — to their handsets. The latest comes from Samsung and Sprint in the form of the Reclaim. Samsung says the Reclaim is made up of 80 percent recyclable materials, with 40 percent of its outer casing made of bioplastic from corn. Well, as we all know by know, corn isn’t exactly the most sustainable way to produce a bioplastic, which begs the question as to whether these green-marketed phones are actually better for the planet. Moreover, it’s entirely unclear if consumers will be interested in green phones. But if you are, here are eight that are in development, via Earth2Tech.

4 Responses to “Green Cell Phones — Trend or Fad?”

  1. The phone costs $50. Why would you NOT get it? I’ve never understood attitudes like “it’s not clear whether consumers will want green phones…” when there literally is NO down-side.

    Eventually, bioplastic will become standard. All of the posturing about “we don’t know whether people will want to make that choice!” will become as anachronistic as the argument a decade ago, “We don’t know how people will feel about caller id!” Eventually, it won’t even be a question.