Extended Batteries Make Palm Pre Appear Nine Months Pregnant


Yesterday, I ordered Seidio’s extended battery for my Palm Pre. The power pack is the same size as the original battery, but provides more juice since it’s rated at 1350mAh. The battery that comes with the Pre offers 1150mAh, so I’m expecting at least 15% more run-time on a single charge. My battery shipped today, so once it arrives, I’ll offer up the results.

Maybe an extra 15% isn’t enough for some Pre owners. For those folks, you’ll want to check out the big, honkin’ batteries that PreThinking is testing. They have three different sizes: large, larger and largest. Seriously — these batteries from Amzer offer some huge capacities: 1400, 2800 and 3800mAh! Now when you have that much juice in a phone battery, you can’t squeeze out some pulp to slim it down. The two larger batteries requires a special back case for the Pre and in the most extreme case, will make your Pre look like a bloated marshmellow straight from the microwave.

If you can deal with the belly bulge and need a longer run-time, you can find these for $49.95, $89.95, and $129.95. I’m sticking with the svelte look and my 1350mAh extended battery for now. I’m afraid I’d hurt someone with a bigger battery.



This extended battery is not well designed. Looks like a brick and not using valuable space inside the new big fat cover. Also not able to use the magnetic charger that is so convenient. Instead the battery should be part of the same cover, a little longer and thicker, but with the same shape of the original cover with capability to use the magnetic charger. The designers of this phone should listen to us, the users, to make the Pre the best phone in the market because this phone still have a lot of room for improvement.

John Staples

I have been using mobile devises for a very long time and have bought my share of extended batteries. Now I know that I’m a power user by the nth degree, but I have not had any luck with Seido extended batteries over time. I’m not saying they don’t extend use day to day, they just have a short life to them, not one has lasted over 1 year. On the other hand, the OEM batteries seem to last me 2 to 3 years on every imaginable mobile device you can think of; Blackberry, Palm, Dell, Toshiba, Sony, HTC, and a few others. So my only complaint of Seido’s extended batteries are they are not built with enough quality since two of mine actually fell apart and they need to last more than a year. That’s my opinion on the subject. OH, BY THE WAT I LOVE THIS SITE AND HAVE LEAD MANY OF MY FRIENDS OVER HERE AS WELL. BLACKBERRY BOLD, HP IPAQ 211 are at this point in time my friends of choice on productivity.


What worries me is when more & more apps become availabe & people start using their Pre’s more they are going to start seeing how poor the battery really is.

A phones idle life is SIGNIFIGANTLY longer than a phones data usage life.


So can you charge the larger “special back” batteries with the Touchstone charger? And if so, how many days does it take to top the battery back up? :-)

That large truck battery sized one will probably take over night even with direct USB charging right?


I have a 1350mAh Seidio and it gives a little bit more, maybe 15%, battery life.

Rather than have this huge battery in my pocket all day, I prefer to just carry a regular-sized spare in my briefcase/backpack and swap out as necessary.

Kevin C. Tofel

Craig, I’m with you. Although it would be nice to have a battery that can run for two or three days, I’m afraid I’d hit myself in the head with one of the bigger batteries and knock myself out. Then again, after I woke up, the phone would still be running thanks to the larger capacity battery. ;)


The thing that bothers me most about these is all the wasted space. They all have replacements for the back of the Pre… and yet the batteries themselves are always rectangular. If you’re going to have a battery that extends out of the slot, might as well go the whole way and fill the contours of the new back cover with battery. This is just lazy engineering to have all that empty space.


Geez, Papa Bear looks like the old mobile phones from the 1980s, like a brick you didn’t take out of your car!

Yeah, I got the Seidio one, if only to have a back-up battery.

This wouldn’t be a problem if I only used my phone as much as I used to use my Samsung Rant, but I’m always on the Pre.


Kevin you should of got the newest Pre battery. It’s the DieHard from Sears, and last one year on a charge. LOL


The 2600/2800 aren’t that bad but the 3800 is HORRIBLE. Have you seen the youtube vid? I wish the would have made the 3800 “L” shaped to fill in the empty space of the 2600/2800 while maintaining the same size.

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