Extended Batteries Make Palm Pre Appear Nine Months Pregnant

Yesterday, I ordered Seidio’s extended battery for my Palm Pre. The power pack is the same size as the original battery, but provides more juice since it’s rated at 1350mAh. The battery that comes with the Pre offers 1150mAh, so I’m expecting at least 15% more run-time on a single charge. My battery shipped today, so once it arrives, I’ll offer up the results.

Maybe an extra 15% isn’t enough for some Pre owners. For those folks, you’ll want to check out the big, honkin’ batteries that PreThinking is testing. They have three different sizes: large, larger and largest. Seriously — these batteries from Amzer offer some huge capacities: 1400, 2800 and 3800mAh! Now when you have that much juice in a phone battery, you can’t squeeze out some pulp to slim it down. The two larger batteries requires a special back case for the Pre and in the most extreme case, will make your Pre look like a bloated marshmellow straight from the microwave.

If you can deal with the belly bulge and need a longer run-time, you can find these for $49.95, $89.95, and $129.95. I’m sticking with the svelte look and my 1350mAh extended battery for now. I’m afraid I’d hurt someone with a bigger battery.


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