Daily Sprout

What About Charging?: The Department of Energy is spending $2.4 billion to help develop technology for electric vehicles, but relatively little has been awarded for a crucial element that remains in short supply: the infrastructure needed to recharge vehicles once they are on the road. Wall Street Journal

Crackdown on Inefficient Homes: Owners of poorly insulated homes should not be allowed to sell or rent them until they have invested in energy efficiency measures in order to bring ambitious emission reduction targets within reach, says the UK government’s advisory body on domestic energy use. — Times Online

Seriously: ExxonMobil, “Green Company of the Year”: Forbes cheers ExxonMobil’s investments in natural gas, saying the oil giant’s $600 million algae fuel play is “purely political,” while drilling for natural gas is “the engineer’s approach” to going green. — Forbes

Cash for Clunkers Instead of Solar, Wind: Congress will likely vote to shift $2 billion to the cash for clunkers program, away from a loan guarantee program for renewable energy projects. The arrangement would shrink the energy program by one third. — CNET’s Green Tech

2015 Lamborgreenie: “Lamborghini is known for many things; sexy sounding V12 engines, outrageous, egregious bodykits, and low fuel efficiency (often in the single digits). But a hybrid?” — Gas 2.0


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