Autostitch: Create Panoramas With Your iPhone



If you’re like me, your iPhone does double duty as your average, everyday camera. While I have a dedicated point-and-shoot camera, since my iPhone is always with me, it’s great for quick shots. Sure, the camera isn’t the best, but the convenience is worth the tradeoff.

I heard Alex Lindsay over at MacBreak Weekly offer Autostitch as a “Pick of the Week” a while back and I couldn’t wait to try it. Autostitch is a fantastic app that lets you quickly snap photos on your iPhone and create panorama shots from it. I was ready to call shenanigans on this; I thought there was no way a $1.99 app could create a panorama on the iPhone. So I stood in downtown Boston and snapped a few photos.





After that, I opened up Autostitch and selected the photos I wanted to stitch together by pressing (you guessed it) “stitch.”


About three minutes later it was done and the below image appeared.


At which point I said, “Holy cow,” and called my wife to tell her about the best two bucks I’d ever spent at the App Store. I expected to see some lines, or some imperfection showing that this image was actually four images stitched together, but if not for the people moving in the foreground, it would look like an untouched image. In this photo you can see some black around the edges, but in the latest version you can crop that out.

What’s also nice is this isn’t limited to photos you take on your iPhone. As a test, I took some shots of my messy home office on my Nikon camera and copied them over to the iPhone. Again, about four minutes later, the below image appeared.


Frankly, I’m amazed at how great a job this little $2 app does. If you’re at all interested in panoramic photos, it’s well worth a look.



“At which point I said, “Holy cow,” and called my wife to tell her about the best two bucks I’d ever spent at the App Store.”

Did you tell her you managed to get the hot girl in every picture? :-p


the most important advantage: you often can choose the overlapping parts of the picture yourself…no ghosts and real people! ;)


as i said…i use autostitch myself (since it apeared in the appstore 2 months ago) and i know it´s qualities – but it´s not much better.
i still prefer pano for oldschool panoramashots… quick and simple and nice results. for the more experimental shoot, autostitch is clearly more powerfull…..
but with pano you know what you are shooting while taking the picture. some examples


AutoStitch is much better than pano and deservedly carries our Editor’s Pick – see However, the ghosting (in your image, the people moving in the foreground) issues are the reason why I still stitch my iPhone panos in Photoshop (see also images on our site). Of course you cannot compare Photoshop with the $2 AutoStitch and if you don’t care about ghosting, you will love AutoStitch’s output. Oh, and you can create panoramas from horizontal and vertical images!

Mark Crump

Actually, in this case, Iliked the ghosting. It added a certain etherealness to it.


i like pano better…somehow limited but otherwise very easy too use. i use both apps…

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