The Social Networking Outage: The Aftermath

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Credit: Flickr / Matt Hamm

Twitter is finally back up, as is Facebook — and some details are emerging about this morning’s cyber attacks:

Some third-party Twitter applications took longer to come back online than Twitter. For instance, Sawhorse Media, which runs Tweet aggregating sites, such as Muck Rack and Venture Maven, only began surfacing Tweets again about an hour ago. CEO Gregory Galant tells us all the company’s sites were affected. Twitter acknowledges on its service blog that there will be some “timeouts to API clients.” This, of course, has business implications for these third-party services that rely on Twitter for their flow of updates.

With a common enemy, social networking competitors become friends. Facebook, Twitter, and Google (NSDQ: GOOG) — which were all reportedly attacked — are now working together to investigate, according to Mashable.

The attacks may be related to the Russia-Georgia conflict. Facebook Chief Security Officer Max Kelly tells CNET that the attacks targeted a pro-Georgian blogger. “It was a simultaneous attack across a number of properties targeting him to keep his voice from being heard,” Kelly says.

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