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Ofcom: Consumers Prefer Broadband Connection To Pay TV, Mobiles, Holidays

Despite the recession people are less willing to give up their broadband connections compared to a long list of other out-goings, according to a report from Ofcom. Only 10 percent of respondents to Ofcom’s survey in the Communications Market Report 2009 said they would cut their broadband, compared to 19 percent who would be happier to cut back mobile phone spending if they had to, and 16 percent would sooner ditch their pay TV subscription; 41 percent would sooner not go on holiday than cut their broadband. The regulator’s annual state-of-the-nation glance at the UK’s comms industry also shows that people now spend an average of 25 minutes a day online, compared to nine minutes in 2004. The full report is here (pdf).

Some other stats from the report…

— File-sharing: The time spent on the top five BitTorrent trackers, including the infamous Pirate Bay, by UK users jumped 11.5 percent to an average of 36 million minutes a month (stats via Nielsen).
— Social networking: While 55 percent of the 15-24 age group were regularly using social sites at the start of 2008, it’s now just 50 percent. Meanwhil among the 25-34 age bracket usages has gone up from 40 to 46 percent.
— More than half of UK web users are on Facebook, while Twitter use has shot up from 100,000 last may to 2,6 million now.
— 21 percent of Britons used a VoIP phone service such as Skype in 2008, up from 14 percent in 2008. Aberdeen is the UK’s most enthusiastic VoIP city with a third regularly web calling.
— As of March 2009, 68 percent of households had a broadband connection — up from 58 percent last year. London has 78 percent penetration, but Glasgow has just 39 percent.
— Mobile phone subscriptions are up by three million year on year to nearly 77 million; PAYG takeup is down by 100,000 to almost 47 million.