TV and Movie Streaming Soared in the Last 6 Months

Ipsos_8_5A new study from Ipsos MediaCT shows that the number of people streaming TV shows and full-length movies has grown dramatically in the past six months.

According to Ipsos’ MOTION report, in the past thirty days, 26 percent of online Americans have streamed a full-length TV show, and 14 percent have streamed a full-length movie. This is more than double the amount Ipsos measured in Sept. 2008. This follows a recent Forrester report that found 25 percent of online consumers surveyed watched TV online, up from 20 percent last year, and a Pew report that found more than 35 percent of U.S Internet users have watched a television show or movie online.

This rise is thanks in part to Hulu, which launched its mainstream media blitz at the Super Bowl this year and has run a series of commercials featuring Hollywood stars like Alec Baldwin, Eliza Dushku and Denis Leary.

Driving much of this online video consumption is the young folk ages 18 – 24. Ipsos reports that in the past 30 days, 30 percent of them have streamed a full-length movie and 51 percent have streamed a full-length TV show. No wonder cable companies want to implement TV Everywhere plans now, before the kids get too comfortable with the cord-cutting.

Despite this growth, Ipsos is quick to point out that web video isn’t replacing TV. It says the average American currently watches 15 hours of television a week and just two hours on their computer.