Sprint Wireless Routers Share Either 3G or 4G Signals Over Wi-Fi


Sprint-Personal-Hotspot-PHS3005We’ve enjoyed the MiFi party — as does the Times, though they seem to have just found their invitation — so this news out of Sprint (s s) today was right up our alley. The CDMA carrier just announced two new pocketable wireless broadband routers that share either a 3G or 4G connection over Wi-Fi. Yup, these devices support your existing 3G USB adapter or WiMAX USB devices. Both appear to be made by Cradlepoint, although one is Sprint-branded.

The Sprint Personal Hotspot PHS3005 shares your 3G or 4G signal with up to four Wi-Fi devices, which is one less than the current MiFi solution. Need to signal share with a gaggle of geeks? The Cradlepoint MBR-1000 Broadband Router, which requires an electrical outlet, supports up to 32 connections — something I wouldn’t try with 3G and would even be hard-pressed to do with a solid 4G signal. The two portable routers are available direct for $159.99 and $249.99, respectively, although you’re sure to find them online for less.

Although this is a step in the right direction with support for WiMAX in addition to EVDO, I’m waiting for the next iteration. It seems to me like these devices generally got a firmware update for the WiMAX support, but I could be wrong in that area. And I don’t know of any specific plans for future devices here, but I have to believe we’ll see a solution similar to these and the MiFi where the 4G radio is already inside. I’d rather just press a button and keep a device in my pocket than put the device down and plug in a USB dongle.

MBR1000 Mobile Broadband 'N' Router



I need help…..I have the sprint 3g/4g sprint wireless card, it works very well on my laptop, but it does not work on my computer at home. Please tell me what I need to do to make it work on the home computer.
Thank You


no, it didn’t support the WIMAX, but this newsy announcement sounds like it is some brand new router? Anyway, mine puked out but excellent as usual cradlepoint service is going to R&R with a CP router most likely, so I won’t have the one with sprint branding anymore. :-(


I have had this sprint branded phs300s for about six months now, branded sprint, works fine. Is this NEW? Isn’t this what sprint was using for a while?

Kevin C. Tofel

Did it already support a WiMAX adapter for you? I figured that feature is new (via firmware upgrade) but I could easily be wrong.

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