Meet Sherpa, the Hottest Android App

sherpascreenshots.pngSherpa, a location-based services application developed by Santa Monica, Calif.-based startup Geodelic, is among the fastest-growing applications for Google’s Android. In the past week, the company claims that it has seen 50,000 downloads from the Android market. The T-Mobile MyTouch 3G, which launched earlier today, has been providing the impetus for growth.

Nearly 4,500 copies of the app were downloaded today alone. Sherpa, as we’ve previously explained, constantly learns your favorite locations and starts to aggregate them. The more you use the application, the smarter it gets, thereby serving up location information that’s unique to you.

The idea of an application such as Sherpa (and to some extent, Where) makes a lot of sense as we start leveraging the location beacon to do our thinking. I have been playing around with the Sherpa app on my Google I/O version of MyTouch and so far it works as advertised. As I spend more time with it, I will share my experience.

Check out this cool video of T-Mobile’s MyTouch promotion in San Francisco. That’s a whole lot of skydivers captured on camera by Chris Albrecht from NewTeeVee.