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Cash for Clunkers Winners: People have used cash for clunkers vouchers to buy fuel-sipping cars, led by the Ford Focus and followed by models from Honda and Toyota, a sign that “Americans are convinced more than ever that the era of cheap oil and gasoline is fading away in the rear-view mirror.” — WSJ’s Environmental Capital

GM Leaning Away from Battery Leasing: Asked if General Motors is leaning away from the idea of leasing the battery pack separately from the Chevy Volt, former Chevrolet manager Ed Peper says that while the decision has not been finalized, “that’s where were leaning towards.” — GM-Volt

Out With the Old: As the clean energy manufacturing base in this country grows, it’s building upon the facilities and expertise of struggling traditional industries, retooling old steel plants, pulp mills and semiconductor factories. — NYT’s Green Inc.

Shale Gas and the Climate Bill: Shale gas could be a key bargaining chip in the Senate’s version of the climate bill, in part because a strong mandate to expand renewable energy production may be a boon for natural gas generators, which are a likely future source of backup power for renewables. — ClimateWire via NYT

More Utilities Line Up for Smart Grid Funds: Connecticut’s United Illuminating is requesting $37.5 million in matching funds from the Department of Energy to accelerate its smart grid plans, and Illinois’ Commonwealth Edison hopes to get $175 million. — VentureBeat’s GreenBeat