BlackBerry Leads Top Ten U.S. Smartphone List in the 2nd Quarter


SmartphonesResearch firm IDC Research has released a list of the top ten smartphones in the U.S. for the second quarter. The list shows that BlackBerrys from Research In Motion (s rimm) and phones from handset maker HTC dominate the list for the quarter.

  1. BlackBerry Curve (83xx series and 8900)
  2. Apple (s aapl) iPhone 3GS (both 16GB and 32GB versions)
  3. BlackBerry Pearl (81xx series not including the Pearl Flip)
  4. Apple iPhone 3G (8GB and 16GB versions)
  5. BlackBerry Bold
  6. BlackBerry Storm
  7. T-Mobile G1
  8. Palm (s palm) Pre
  9. HTC Touch Pro
  10. HTC Touch Diamond

It is interesting to see that the Pre made the list, certainly helping Palm’s dire situation. The first Android phone, the T-Mobile G1, is still selling handily considering it was released last year. The iPhone grabbed two spots in the top four, with the older 3G still moving in significant quantities. RIM grabbed four of the top ten spots with different models of the popular BlackBerry.

The top ten list broken down by smartphone platform:

  1. BlackBerry- 4
  2. Windows Mobile- 2
  3. iPhone- 2
  4. WebOS (Pre)- 1
  5. Android (s goog)- 1

(via intomobile)


John in Norway

You’re right Kevin. It is the European, svelt E90! :)

John in Norway

No wonder you need 3 different phones! I bought a decent smartphone so I only need the one mobile device.

Kevin C. Tofel

Unless John has changed his phone in the past two years or so, he still has a Nokia E90 Communicator. Am I right, John? Do I get a prize? ;)


BB are on every carrier and you can get them for free so not too surprising is the top sold smartphone. The question is are they making money on them.


Consider Pre is only for Sprint on CDMA, this is not too bad, no?


Is one of these Symbian and I just don’t recognize it?


No. Did you not read “the top ten list broken down by smartphone platform” ??

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