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Apple Releases OS X 10.5.8 Update

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I was just installing the Garage Band update on my Mac mini, when lo and behold, upon checking again at completion for updates, the 10.5.8 cumulative update appeared.

I’ve yet to update my mini to 10.5.7, because of reported issues with outputting to 720p resolution, which is the resolution of the TV I have it connected to. 10.5.8 appears to fix display resolution issues, as stated in the update description itself.

It also claims to bring the usual bug fixes and security enhancements we’ve come to expect from incremental updates, in addition to solutions for AirPort connectivity and reliability issues, Bluetooth connectivity problems, and sluggish startup times. My iMac has had some AirPort hiccups from time to time, which I’ve actually just learned to live with, but hopefully 10.5.8 gets rid of even those minor annoyances.

It’s available now via Software Update, and you can read more about it at this Apple Support article.

16 Responses to “Apple Releases OS X 10.5.8 Update”

  1. I use both a PowerPC G5 iMAC and PowerPC G4 Powerbook. I loaded 10.5.6 on the G4 and then upgraded to 10.5.8. Seems to work on the G4, although the PowerBook crashes regularly and requires a hard restart. I’m going to try reverting back to 10.5.6 to see how it goes.

    As I prepare for the G5 iMAC, I will head Edward Serros’ advice, backup and only install to 10.5.6. Hope 10.5.6 behaves well on my iMAC G5 :}

    Any advice welcome !!!!!

  2. Edward Serros

    I have tried to update my PowerPC G5 with 10.5.8 and both times the entire system was destroyed: forever spinning wheels, whitish grey background screen, CD tray frozen, nothing works, etc. Both times I had to use my Time Machine back-up (second disk drive) to restore my primary HD.

    I won’t try the update again. Apple was not helpful.

  3. Since updating to 10.5.8 I have had the computer hang indefinitely, numerous times in a day, needing a hard shutdown.
    Sometimes it will hang during startup at either the grey or blue screen, again needing a hard shutdown.
    I’m running a 24″, 2.8 GHz Intel Core 2 duo Imac with 2 GB Ram.
    This problem seems common among but not exclusive to intel macs.
    I’ve scoured forums for a resolution and it seems that their is none, so I’m considering using the warranty, and for now reverting to 10.5.6.
    I would not recommend this update for intel imac users (10.6.1 is also a no go by the sound of it).

  4. I have updated to the 10.5.8 and now have issues when starting up first thing in the morning. Actually, it doesn’t want to start up. The beautiful rainbow wheel just keeps revolving. The black screen comes up with some of the dock, but that’s it. I have to shut down the computer with the power button and restart…then it is okay….but that is not the way it should be. What is the problem?


  5. I’ve updated to 10.5.8, everything seems to be ok until I plug my Wacom tablet. After a few minutes of using it w/ Photoshop, my keyboard becomes unusable. Mouse works no app seems to lockup. I have to reboot to get keyboard functionality. I’ve done updates on Photoshop, Wacom driver and reset PRAM. None have fixed the issue.

    Any help appreciated.


  6. I have just gone through the headache of finding my Leopard disc (job in itself) and restoring my install since 10.5.hate bombed my iMac out completely… would not boot in at all!!! Will wait and see if 10.5.9 comes out in the next couple of days…

  7. Dave Wilson

    Nope – still hasn’t fixed my display issues – same as above Philips 32″ LCD TV – I had been waiting for Apple to fix this and low and behold – they haven’t!

  8. Darrell Etherington

    Just to confirm for everyone, I installed the update on my mini and my iMac and so far, so good. Resolution is definitely fixed on the mini.