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7 iPhone Apps to Save Your Energy Bills

tendriliphone2A mere 13 percent of people say they would want to manage home energy consumption via a mobile device, according to Clint Wheelock of Pike Research (via GigaOM Pro — subscription required). But it looks like no one told iPhone developers that — a growing number of iPhone apps are actually available or under development that offer users ways to both automatically and manually manage home energy use. The upside is they’re cheap to build, slick to look at, easy to use and, when the market does grow for mobile energy management, they’ll be ready. Check out this list of 7 iPhone apps on Earth2Tech that are, or will be, available to you.

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  1. Developers are bringing new concepts in application development to attract more customer and this is become possible due to iPhone interface, iWound and bike hugger are also two different kind of apps on iTune as well.