For Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Flat Is Apparently The New Up


Credit: Javier Aroche / Flickr

Last week, Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) COO Kevin Turner said the company’s Internet Explorer browser was finally showing “great momentum.” He didn’t quite define what he meant, but he did say that while Internet Explorer’s share had been “declining quarter after quarter after quarter” the new version, Internet Explorer 8, was “showing great acceptance.”

Well, the latest Net Applications figures are out (via CNET) and they show that Microsoft has been able to hold on to its market share since Internet Explorer 8 was released in mid-March. Microsoft had 67.68 percent of the market in July, down only slightly from 67.77 percent in April. No big feat until you consider that during the previous four month period the browser’s share had fallen by nearly three percentage points.

During the same period, Firefox’s share actually fell slightly to 22.47 percent, from 23.84 percent, although the latest version of Firefox was just released. Safari and Chrome, meanwhile, have continued their steady growth.

Microsoft has invested quite a bit in viral marketing around the release of Internet Explorer 8. Looks likely that some of those efforts will continue, considering that Turner said, “We’ve got to keep fighting, scratching, and clawing every single day to improve the market share in this particular space.”

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