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Earnings Call: Tweeting Murdoch: News Corp. Plans To Start Charging For More News Sites In FY10

Some of my live Twitter coverage of the News Corp (NYSE: NWS). FY09/Q4 earnings call. Among other things, News Corp Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch said the company plans to start charging for all its news sites and suggested the company will break up with the Kindle:

»  Murdoch: Following ‘tumultuous, unprecedented’ year ”worst may be behind us, no clear signs yet’

»  Murdoch reprise of ‘content isn’t free’ refrain, promises to charge for all news sites with as model (He said later that the goal is to start in FY10)

»  Murdoch: ‘Industry that gives away its content is cannibalizing ability to do good reporting’

»  Murdoch says good July, tough few months ahead, but projects single-digit uptick in op income for FY10

»  Murdoch: ‘quite happy with progress we