U.S. Will Lead in 3G, So What If You Can't Use the 3G Networks?

Thanks to Apple’s fast-selling iPhone, 3G-enabled BlackBerry devices and more recently, Google phones, the U.S. will overtake Japan as the country with the largest number of 3G users in the world in 2011. Of course, that lead will be temporary because by then China (and by divine intervention, India) will have launched their 3G networks, according to Telegeography, a market research firm.

news20090804-1.gifThey are predicting that by 2013, when it comes to 3G users, China will be No. 1, followed by the U.S., with India taking the third spot. Japan will slide to the fourth spot. Asia will have twice as many 3G users in 2013 as Western Europe.

I, for one, would like for U.S. companies to enhance their user experience rather than the footprint. I mean, what is the point of having a 3G iPhone when you can barely connect and when you do, the best you get is an EDGE speed? I have lately been testing the BlackBerry Tour, both on Sprint and Verizon. Sprint has a better data network, Verizon has rock-solid voice. So there you have it — the Westside 3G story.

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