Toshiba — Get Ready for Fast 64GB SD Cards



Earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show, we heard about the new SDXC standard. That’s the Secure Digital eXtended Capacity format, and Toshiba is almost ready to take advantage of it. Akihabara News says the company just announced SDXC cards ranging in capacity from 16GB to 64GB. SDHC cards top out at 32GB, while these new SDXC products can theoretically handle up to 2TB of data. Yes, that’s Terabytes with a “T.”

And the higher capacity isn’t the only benefit — interface speeds are ramped up as well. SDXC cards can push data at up to 104MBps now, while 300MBps is a goal for the future. How fast is that? Toshiba claims you can “download a 2.4GB video in only 70 seconds,” although I don’t expect to see SDXC media with movies at my local Blockbuster. That would be handy for transferring home videos, though.

Either way, this is good news for future devices that will support the format. I’m thinking notebooks, netbooks and high-definition cameras are poised to benefit, but only if they support SDXC. While we wait for those products, we’ll be waiting for Toshiba’s new SDXC cards as well — the company doesn’t expect a product to market until the spring of 2010. That means we have to brave another CES to hear about and see the new memory cards before actually getting to use one.



2TB on an SD card would be heaven for my pocket PC and netbook right now, but I’m thinking I’ll be waiting a few more years for that, and more than likely change devices in that time as well.

Gotta love miniaturization!

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