Slife Rewards: Motivate Yourself to Meet Productivity Goals


slife-rewards-logoTime-tracking and productivity app Slife (previously covered on WebWorkerDaily) has just launched a new feature called Slife Rewards that lets you reward yourself for meeting various productivity targets. Set some monthly productivity goals for yourself, like “spend no more than 30 minutes on email each day” or “work on project X for at least two hours per day.” Track yourself using Slife, and if you meet your targets, you can reward yourself with either a gift from your Amazon wishlist (s amzn) or a charitable donation to a cause.

Slife Rewards require a Slife Web account to use. Additionally, each time you qualify for a reward, a $2 processing fee is charged. This processing fee seems a little strange to me; even though it is small, I think it would act as a disincentive for reaching your goals.

We’ve previously looked at many approaches for improving motivation, involving everything from using public accountability to setting time limits for completing tasks. In the short term, Slife Rewards could probably help curb some compulsive Internet fiddling and might help you break some bad habits, but I’m not sure that programs like this will keep you motivated in the longer term. Arbitrarily limiting YouTube (s goog) usage, for example, is probably not going to affect your productivity that greatly, because if you’re suffering from a lack of motivation and looking for distractions, you’ll just find them elsewhere.

Would Slife Rewards help to keep you on target?



It seems weird to have to pay $2 every time you accomplish a goal. That reminds me of an old website idea, where they ask people to give them money, like $100, $400, and then they hold it until you accomplish the goal you say you are gonna achieve, otherwise they will just keep it forever.:-)

Though the feature seems weird, the software looks pretty good.

Also if you are looking for goal tracking and task managing web app, I’d like to recommand a goal setting tool at, a very nicely built web app designed for tracking goals and todo lists, and supports time tracking too. It’s clear, focused, easy to navigate, worth a try.

Zoltán Cserei

That $2 is left unexplained to me too.

There’s a very simple way though to do the same. Buy a notebook. And a pencil, too. Open the notebook. Take the pencil. Write down your goals. Whenever you meet one: cross it out. And go out to the store and buy yourself a gift. Or go out in your best outfit. Or give yourself some free time. Whatever: reward yourself.

The reward indeed helps in reaching your goals.

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