Real Innovation for Verizon's TV Widgets Will Be in Your Hand(set)

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[qi:_newteevee] When Verizon (s VZ) announced today that it will open its TV “Widget Bazaar” to third-party developers, Shaygan Kheradpir, Verizon’s chief information officer said, “Developers should start thinking now about applications that are appropriate for the ‘big screen,’ not the pocket-sized screens they’ve been writing for so far.”

I think a more strategic statement would have been to say that developers should start thinking about applications that are appropriate for the big and the pocket-sized screens. TV widgets are transforming right before our eyes. While they used to be about checking the weather and stocks, now they’re about interacting with friends via Twitter, or sharing photos via Facebook (among other possibilities). As our televisions access more content, and we are able to interact with that content on-screen, we will need input devices that are flexible and make sense to us. Forget the 53-button remote control — just use your phone.

Because Verizon has a TV, broadband and a wireless platform, smart developers could whip up apps that make use of all three, giving users greater control of their television, a way to search and enter text through a keypad, or a way to take their TV content with them on the go. Read our full take over at NewTeeVee.

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