Hack High End Earphones for Inline Remote Controls



Sure, you could just spend $15 for the iLuv iEA15 inline remote for your high-end earbuds, but where’s the fun in that? One of our enterprising readers decided to take matters into his own hands and whip out the X-acto knife and solder gun. Andreas bought a new Apple iPhone 3GS (s aapl) but didn’t even put the included earbuds next to his eardrums. Instead, he transplanted the speakers from his Sennheiser CX300 set into the iPhone cord and thus has high-end earphones that support the inline remote controls. Note that the Palm Pre (s palm) uses a similar solution so this hack ought to work for a Pre as well.

I was seriously considering the iLuv product for my pair of Shures, but Andreas has me rethinking the approach. The iLuv adapter is simply a short cord coming from the phone, so the remote controls get moved down to your hip if you the phone is in a pocket. With the native solution, they’re essentially near my chin, which is where the microphone ought to be. Hmm…. I’m not too skilled with a soldering iron, but he raises a good point.



Definatly do this i have done it with my own headphones and it makes so much differance

Lukas Okmis

Soldering is easy! Go for it Kevin! Besides, soldering two earbuds is really easy…

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