Despite iPhone's Success, BlackBerry Curve Was on Top in Q2

blackberrycurve8900 In the battle of the smartphones, RIM’s (s rim) Blackberry Curve edged out the competition to take the top spot as the best-selling smartphone model in the U.S. in the second quarter of this year, according to inaugural smartphone market share data from research firm IDC. Apple’s iPhone 3G S took second place, with the iPhone 3G placing fourth.

With its hard QWERTY keyboard and big screen, the Curve (a longtime favorite of Om’s) has stood the test of time and beat out higher-end competitors such as Apple’s (s appl) iPhone, Palm’s (s palm) Pre and T-Mobile’s G1. Although the iPhone being limited to the less-than-stellar AT&T network likely plays a role in these rankings. But the Curve wasn’t the only RIM BlackBerry smartphone model to place in the top five, as the list below shows. Here are IDC’s top-selling smartphones in the U.S.:

Top-selling Smartphones in the U.S.
BlackBerry Curve
iPhone 3G S
BlackBerry Pearl
iPhone 3G
BlackBerry Bold
BlackBerry Storm
HTC T-Mobile G1
Palm Pre
HTC Touch Pro
HTC Touch Diamond

IDC compiles the list by counting vendor sales to mobile carriers, consumer electronic stores, online retail stores and independent distributors, and excludes counting the sell-through to consumers (so thankfully for Palm, the Pre’s creepy commercials don’t play a factor in the results).