Amazon Mobile Lands on Android

amazon-androidAmazon adds Android to its supported platforms for mobile shopping today. The new app is free, of course, but what you buy with it is on you. The software provides 40 shopping categories, 1-click purchases (watch out for those!), account management, order history and more. And using the camera on an Android device, you can snap a picture of a product barcode. Amazon will search for the product and others like it.

I use the same app on the iPhone and I’ve probably made half of my Amazon purchases while mobile since I started using it. Instead of thinking of something I need to buy and then waiting until I get home, I’ve bought several items due to a situation when out and about. The last one was a camera lens for my DSLR. We were wandering around taking pictures when I realized that a different lens was better suited for the situation. No, I couldn’t order one and have it magically appear right then, but I could do the next best thing — search for it on Amazon and place the order while it was fresh in my mind.


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