Consumers Spending More in Paid Media Than Ad Supported: VSS Study


The annual VSS media survey/forecast is out, and some usual suspects about declining media and ad spend. But more interestingly, according to the study, picked up by the NYT, consumers last year for the first time spent more time with media they paid for, like books or cable TV, than with primarily ad-supported media, like newspapers and magazines. That means people are willing to pay for content, just not all types of content. The money quote from the “S” in VSS, John Suhler: “While we have seen consumer media usage remain generally flat over the past year, the way in which consumers are spending their time continues to evolve. No longer are newspaper and magazine-subscription purchases and network prime-time viewing the norm. Instead, they are declining and consumers are spending more time with media which they support and pay for as opposed to ad-supported media…This development is a culmination of two decades of this secular shift towards consumer-controlled media, and shows no signs of slowing.


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