Some Minor Upgrades, Tweaks to GigaOM

It has been a busy summer at the GigaOM offices here in San Francisco. Thanks to some sleepless nights on the part of our technology team, we’ve rolled out some changes aimed at improving our readers’ experience. The first of these was the GigaOM Pulse, which aggregates the tweets from our entire team. We will be soon be enhancing the Pulse to support multimedia and will add other, additional features as well.

Other changes include a new logo and the introduction of a new tab structure. These tabs are meant to be used as a gateway to our special projects, such as our upcoming events and GigaOM Pro, our $79-a-year subscription research service.

Many of you wanted us to improve the readability of the site and as a result we have tweaked the fonts, both in the body of the text as well as the headlines. We’ve also made some navigational changes; for instance, it’s now easier to find posts written by Stacey and I. And we’ve broken down our coverage into four verticals: Cloud Computing, Mobile Internet, Broadband and Social Web.

One of the most common reader requests has been for the ability to log in to leave a comment using the Facebook Connect feature, so we’ve added that as well. Simply click the Facebook Connect button to log in. Please note that anytime you post a comment, it will ask if you want to post it to your Facebook wall. If this prompt gets annoying, you can disable it in your Facebook settings. So now you can log in and comment using Facebook, your ID or simply your email address. We’re working on adding even more ways, including a Twitter login option.

Speaking of Twitter, you can now comment on a post and send it directly to your Twitter stream. Every post has a unique hash tag, which allows us to track the conversation and bring those “tweets” into that post’s comments. Essentially we’re trying to add as much conversational depth to each post as we can. Expect more improvements and new features soon.

Stay tuned. And if you have any suggestions, let us know!