Turn a Palm Pre into a 3G Router Using Wi-Fi



For some, tethering a 3G phone as a notebook modem is the ultimate mobile productivity booster. It gets even better if that phone can broadcast the 3G signal over Wi-Fi so you can connect multiple devices to the web. That’s part of the appeal of the Novatel Wireless MiFi (s nvtl), although the simplicity of the MiFi doesn’t hurt either. So it’s no surprise that software solutions like WMWiFiRouter and Joikuspot are pretty popular too. These apps replicate the functionality of a MiFi, but don’t require any additional hardware.

my-tether-palm-preIf you’re not averse to rooting your Palm Pre (s palm) and installing a homebrew application, you can turn your Pre into a Wi-Fi router too — that way, you can share the speedy EVDO signal with any device that uses Wi-Fi. My Tether 1.5 is the easy to use software, but you’ll need to jump through a few hoops to make it work. Rooting the Pre won’t take you long, although you’ll need to get it in Developer Mode first, and you’ll have to download and install the Palm Pre SDK as well. The latest 2.0 version of My Tether includes an installer, so you shouldn’t need the Palm Pre SDK. However, a donation is required to gain access to the newest version.

Since I have Internet Tethering enabled on my iPhone at the moment, I’m holding off on giving My Tether a test. From the looks of it though, the latest software version appears fairly robust. Aside from the Wi-Fi hotspot function, it allows the Pre to be tethered over USB or a Bluetooth PAN. My Tether also supports a custom wireless network SSID and adds WEP encryption to provide a little security for your Pre’s network.

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Tethering is a nice option to have. I had it on a former Sprint phone, without hacking. I wonder why Sprint disbled it on the Pre? I would only tether if no landline were available as it is slower eben than DSL. Do you think Sprint will get pissy about this app?

Jon Mobile

That’s an awsome little gadget, great to use as a backup wifi connection at home or even on the move in a hotel or something.


USB does not work with Leopard :(
USB is the way to go unfortunately it runs on every other OS but Lepoard, It’ll run on Tiger. If anyone has gotten the driver for USB on Leopard to work please clue me in :)


This is a great tip and something I’ve looked at before but for my HTC TOuch HD. I tried WMWiFiRouter which has quite a few options but didnt seem to well for me. A very quick search on Google revealed a CAB file on XDA-Developers forum that apparently has its origins in a recent HTC Rom. I’ve installed it and run it several times without problem, what a fantastic find :) Like MyTether you can customize the SSID and make use of encryption.


Did that once on my Nokia N95
The battery got drained in few minutes and the unit started over heating like crazy.

Not practical !


I use this on my palm pre. it warms up, but not to an ‘overheating’ state. Just the same as if you’re playing a game or running a few apps.

Sprint’s speed is actually impressive for me in the Phoenix area too. I was pulling about 170+ kb/s downloading files. Considering my dsl does 300kb/s I’d say not bad for completely wireless broadband connection.


oh, and why would you not have it plugged in to charge if you’re using your computer on it anyway? even if you’re doing wifi, you can still plug it in just for the charge.


1.5 is a free version, the main difference being that it doesn’t support WEP encryption like 2.0 does.

And you can also use this via USB if you think the battery life of the Pre will be an issue.


Hi Sam, do you have a Pre? Got one last week and the battery is great for me! But I never need more than 24 hours worth before I’m at a charger again so I guess its not a problem!… cool phone.

Sam Hill

Hi Si,
I bought it, but returned it (first time ever returning a phone) — mainly because of battery life and poor voice quality. I absolutely love the design of the phone and the touchstone charger ALMOST makes up for the miserable battery life; if I had kept it, I would have bought 2 more touchstone chargers so that I could have one at bedside, one at work, and one at home office desk. I was barely getting through the business day even if I was very careful to curtail use of the phone as much as possible (and no WiFi) — much worse than with previous smartphones. Maybe the iPhone is not much better, but it was a killer for me.


Can’t say I’ve ever had anything but stellar voice quality wherever I’ve used my Pre. Just out of curiosity, how many bars of service did you have?

And as for the battery, I would definitely like it to last longer, but it gets me through my day. Surprisingly enough, having Wifi ON helps a ton, and I’ve also got a CPU scaling hack running which again helps. Supposedly, Palm is going to turn on CPU scaling by default in future updates… not sure I believe that or not though.


I really don’t see battery life being a problem if you have your laptop charger and tether over USB. Then you have internet wherever you go and the Pre is charging the whole time.

Pretty impressive anyway you look at it.

Sam Hill

Sounds great, but you won’t be broadcasting the WiFi signal for long before your Pre battery rolls over dead from exhaustion!

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