Turn a Palm Pre into a 3G Router Using Wi-Fi


For some, tethering a 3G phone as a notebook modem is the ultimate mobile productivity booster. It gets even better if that phone can broadcast the 3G signal over Wi-Fi so you can connect multiple devices to the web. That’s part of the appeal of the Novatel Wireless MiFi, although the simplicity of the MiFi doesn’t hurt either. So it’s no surprise that software solutions like WMWiFiRouter and Joikuspot are pretty popular too. These apps replicate the functionality of a MiFi, but don’t require any additional hardware.

my-tether-palm-preIf you’re not averse to rooting your Palm Pre and installing a homebrew application, you can turn your Pre into a Wi-Fi router too — that way, you can share the speedy EVDO signal with any device that uses Wi-Fi. My Tether 1.5 is the easy to use software, but you’ll need to jump through a few hoops to make it work. Rooting the Pre won’t take you long, although you’ll need to get it in Developer Mode first, and you’ll have to download and install the Palm Pre SDK as well. The latest 2.0 version of My Tether includes an installer, so you shouldn’t need the Palm Pre SDK. However, a donation is required to gain access to the newest version.

Since I have Internet Tethering enabled on my iPhone at the moment, I’m holding off on giving My Tether a test. From the looks of it though, the latest software version appears fairly robust. Aside from the Wi-Fi hotspot function, it allows the Pre to be tethered over USB or a Bluetooth PAN. My Tether also supports a custom wireless network SSID and adds WEP encryption to provide a little security for your Pre’s network.

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