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Namco Powers Up Apple Gaming


If you play Texas Hold ‘Em on the iPhone, you know Jonathan Kromrey, the former games producer at Apple (s aapl) having worked on that title. His new title isn’t a game, but a position, head of Apple Gaming for Namco, producer of 80s’ nostalgia games like PAC-MAN, Dig Dug and Galaga.

According to Macworld, Kromrey will be busy. Namco will have “five games shipping in August, and five more to go before the year is out,” though no titles are named. However, a slightly more informative interview at the Washington Post states “some new IP” will be coming, though again no names.

Kromrey will also be overseeing the addition of features like voice recognition and multi-player in new games, as well as updating released games to better utilize iPhone OS 3.0. This means features like accessing the iTunes library during gameplay and Facebook Connect support.

Kromrey also stated that Namco is not interested in ad-supported games, preferring to develop games where price determines content. If this means “lite” versions, great, but as a gamer who watched with horror the In-App Purchase system demo, I fear a gaming future of being micro-transacted to death.

Just say no to buying dual fighters in Galaga.