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Google Launches Bookmarks Syncing With Chrome, After Killing It on Firefox

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chrome_logo1Google (s goog) is integrating its Bookmarks service with its Chrome web browser. The service will allow users to link their local bookmarks and browser data with the Google cloud, letting bookmarks be automatically backed up and shared with the cloud. The search giant used to offer this same feature as a FireFox plug-in called Google Browser Sync, but the company “phased out” the product with the launch of Firefox 3 — and never offered any real reasoning for it. The company still offers access to the Bookmarks service in Firefox through the Google Toolbar, but there is no synchronization between local and cloud-stored bookmarks. It is kind of surprising that, as a Google product, Chrome didn’t have this sort of integration from the beginning. 

This isn’t even about bookmarks. This is the first step of many to unite the desktop and the cloud. With Chrome OS, synchronization of data between a laptop and Google’s servers will be a huge selling point (or detraction, for privacy advocates), if the company can make it work seamlessly. After the brouhaha over the lack of viability for web apps on the iPhone — see Google’s lackluster Latitude “web app” — I am skeptical that Google can make an all-web-apps-all-the-time platform work on a full-fledged netbook, as it seems to be trying to do with Chrome OS. The company has been pushing the cloud pretty hard lately. This morning, Google announced it was launching a billboard-based ad campaign focused at getting IT staff to “Go Google” and switch their companies over to Google’s Apps platform.

Bookmarks sync on Chrome has been a requested feature for a while. Last December, a Google employee hinted that it was coming soon, saying “baked-in integration” between Chrome and Google Bookmarks was “definitely on our minds.” Apple (s aapl) has offered bookmark syncing between the browser and its MobileMe/DotMac service for years, though for some reason, the company removed online access to the bookmarks when MobileMe was rolled out. Popular browser add-on Xmarks is similar, and works on Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari — not just Chrome.

10 Responses to “Google Launches Bookmarks Syncing With Chrome, After Killing It on Firefox”

  1. This is a very innovative step by Chrome Lab, I have exported all my bookmarks to my othter computer.
    Chrome is expanding its reach by adding new features in its gallery though it is far away from Firefox
    in terms of addons.

  2. houserdah

    So what’s the latest?? Is this happening or not? If it is happening, when? If it is not happening, Google is making a big mistake. Google bookmarks are great and I told all the people I know to use them. But recently, I switched to Chrome because I am disappointed with IE and I was shocked to see Google Bookmarks are not available in Chrome….

  3. Don’t confused now: Google’s new bookmark sync doesn’t have anything to do with “Google Bookmarks”.

    The bookmark sync lets you sync bookmarks between different google chrome installs, using Google as an intermediary, but it does not use Google Bookmarks to do that, and it still has no way to use Google Bookmarks as anything other than an “import” capability.

  4. Xmarks works on every browser (Firefox, Safari, Chrome – in a beta of Xmarks). So, you can sync you bookmarks on every computer, even those who aren’t yours.
    And you can watch your bookmarks online.
    You could also save your settings and passwods, and more.
    So Xmarks is far far better :) !!

  5. This is great except it took too damn long to come out. I used to use Google Bookmarks with the Toolbar in Firefox, but when I switched almost exclusively to Chrome I lost that ability and migrated to Delicious. I guess I’ll have to see how badly I want to use the bookmark integration in Chrome. I also like that I can link my Delicious bookmarks to FriendFeed. Do Google’s Bookmarks sync up to FriendFeed also?