ExtendMedia Wants to Power Your TV Everywhere


While most of the technology discussion around ongoing “TV Everywhere” initiatives to give web video access to satellite, telco and especially cable subscribers have centered on authentication — i.e., how do would-be viewers prove they’re subscribers — there’s obviously got to be a lot more going on under the hood.

Just about every existing television provider is pursuing a “TV Everywhere” project to give subscribers more and better access to content over the web in a bid to prevent them from cutting their cords down the line. See our “Everything You Need to Know about TV Everywhere.”

Video platform startup ExtendMedia announced today it has put together a video management platform called OpenCASE Publisher built specifically to power such efforts. The product is built to handle ingestion and distribution of massive amounts of content, and also ties into Extend’s existing line of products for advertising, upselling watchers to paid products, managing content across multiple devices, etc.

ExtendMedia CEO Tom MacIsaac told NewTeeVee last week that Extend already has three Tier 1 multichannel operators signed to launch TV Everywhere initiatives using OpenCASE this fall. He did not specify which operators, but said they are not Comcast (s CMCSA) and Time Warner (s TWX), the two providers who have been most public about their plans. MacIsaac emphasized that the projects Extend is working on are full launches, not just trials. Some previous customers of Extend include AT&T (s T), Bell Canada and Cablevision (s CVC).

Comcast, which is working together with Time Warner on a TV Everywhere trial, is known to be using thePlatform (which it owns) and Move Networks for its “OnDemand Online” deployment.

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