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Immelt and Doerr on the Other Crisis: In an editorial today, venture capitalist John Doerr and General Electric (s GE) CEO Jeff Immelt argue the U.S. faces not only economic, climate and energy crises, but also a competitiveness crisis, especially when it comes to green technology. — Washington Post

GM Considering a Plug-in People Mover: General Motors (s GM) says it’s studying adaptation of its Voltec extended range electric propulsion system (used in the Chevy Volt) for use in the upcoming 7-seat Orlando. — GM-Volt

Bright IDEA Test Drive: Meh: Plug-in vehicle advocate Paul Scott takes Bright Automotive’s electric van, the IDEA, for a test drive and gives it a B+, but expects it could get “in A+ shape in a matter of months.” — AutoblogGreen

Drivetrains Take Center Stage at Think: Richard Canny, CEO of Norway-based electric vehicle maker Think, says the company’s new drivetrain business is crucial to its strategy in an increasingly competitive market for plug-in cars. —NYT’s Green Inc.

Ultracapacitors as Butlers: Loxis, an ultrapcapacitor maker that released a line of electric double layer capacitors today, says the devices will proliferate in wind farms, cars and other markets, but in supporting roles, replacing the hydraulic pumps behind power steering, for example. — Greentech Media