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Reed Business’ Sale Process Moving Quickly; Appoints a Bank

At least this time it has started a lot faster: Reed Business Information U.S. has already decided on a bank, we have learned from sources: The Jordan, Edmiston Group is the banker appointed to help it sell properties such as B&C, Multichannel News, Publishers Weekly, Twice and Video Business among others.This is a record pace compared to the previous aborted attempt by parent Reed Elsevier (NYSE: RUK) last year to sell of all of RBI worldwide. The full list of publications for sale are here. Reed wants to sell it off to one buyer again this time, but likely will be piecemeal in this environment.

This comes as the company also announced earlier last week that longtime U.S. top exec Tad Smith was leaving as CEO of Reed Business Information-U.S.; RBI CFO John Poulin is now acting CEO for RBI-US, reporting to Global RBI CEO Keith Jones.

5 Responses to “Reed Business’ Sale Process Moving Quickly; Appoints a Bank”

  1. Ton Fra

    Hey idiots above me. By reaching different verticals withe different pubs……you hedge yourself in a shitty economy.

    RBI has the best online products…anywhere. So Rafat Ali & the other idiots….go get a real job. Oh tay?

  2. anonymous

    Most people at Reed (the publishers) are true media dinosaurs (you wouldn't believe the amount of people that have been there 10/15/20 years….. That is good for some companies but with Reed these people are still running the media business like the 80's and 90's so that is why they have fallen so fast.

    Other than people being their way to long this is all my opinion.

  3. Rafat Ali

    this is my opinion. the properties are so disparate, with their own sets of issues, that piecemeal looks more likely. or that the acquirer buys everything and then disposes off properties…

  4. Anonymous

    Why do you say it will "likely will be piecemeal in this environment"? Is there a deeper explanation or reason for this statement or just the author's opinion?