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Old Radio Meets New: Clear Channel Subsidiary To Sell Ads On Pandora

Online radio streaming service Pandora has found a big (but potentially controversial) advertising partner in *Clear Channel*, the conglomerate whose traditional radio business it is threatening to disrupt. *Clear Channel* subsidiary Katz Media Group will now sell ads on Pandora, along with Pandora’s sales team, according to AdAge. “When you grow as fast as we have this quickly, your inventory gets ahead of you. Plugging into an endemic, national network of sellers is a great point of leverage for a company like Pandora that is experiencing hypergrowth,” says Pandora co-founder Tim Westergen (pictured, left).

The move comes as the online radio service not only continues to post big growth but also has increased the frequency of audio ads on its service, in part because more people are listening to Pandora on the go — and therefore are less likely to look at Pandora’s traditional display ads. “We don