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Chart: Dissecting The E-Reader Market

The current crop of e-reader buyers are mostly men who have money and are into gadgets, but the next wave, according a Forrester study, will be largely women who just tend to read a lot — like five books a month. Meanwhile, the following chart, published with the report, shows just how small the e-reader market is now — almost half the country has never even seen one.

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One Response to “Chart: Dissecting The E-Reader Market”

  1. I'm surprised that is mostly men after how much Oprah has touted the kindle. Even here in South Africa somebody came up to us and said "I saw that on Oprah!". The market might seem small to people used to looking at ipods, but I'm actually happily surprised that it appears 4.5 million people have purchased an ebook. Not bad for a market that didn't exist a few years ago. Almost tripling sales this year isn't bad either.