Windows Phone Demonstrated — Love Child of Windows Mobile and Zune


Updated: Windows Mobile (s msft) as we’ve known it is gone. Say hello to the new Windows Phone operating system branding! The Inquirer got a sit-down introduction to the newly named mobile OS and offers up this early look. Most of what’s shown is already common knowledge: support for Microsoft Tag, the My Phone service that backs up your device over the air and the rather Zune-ish interface.

I generally like what I see, but I’m curious: is this new version looking revolutionary and innovative or do you see it as more of a play to “catch up” to the competition? I’m withholding judgment until I get a hands-on as my Magic 8-Ball says “Ask Again Later.”


jahan khan rashid

i think they are wrong in the way they state that myphone is very simple graphically etc, they need to jazz these graphics up more, 6.5 still looks too boring and business like, they need to make it more fun and fancy animation/colours. hopefully htc will bring the sense ui to win mobile 6.5


You could not pay me to use this warmed over Windows Mobile/Zune phone. Marketing 101 says you change the brand name after the brand has failed. Hence Windows Phone.


Whew, I was worried for a sec when I read over at Brighthand that they were still keeping the Windows Mobile name, only to drop by here and hear that they’re switching it to Windows Phone. Last thing I need would be contradictory sources…

Anyway, I would NOT want it to be “Windows Phone” for the OS itself because that would push it entirely into the smartphone space by name, and I do not necessarily want a smartphone. (Something like the Samsung Mondi or the Creative Zii Egg is closer to what I’m looking for-powerful, NO PHONE, relatively affordable without any contracts or subsidies involved.)

Still, I never saw this new, Zune-like Today screen included as part of Windows Mobile 6.5 before. It looks interesting, but I still want to be able to switch from it to PocketBreeze and back with a quick press of a softkey.


The Microsoft Rep got pretty defensive when the interviewer asked if there would be multi-touch support; for good reason though, it’s a real shame that Windows Mobile devices are still hamstrung by the exclusive capability for resistive touchscreens. I don’t think a zoom key/slider cuts it in this day and age.

I see some real innovative hardware coming out from HTC, I’m hoping this transition to Android comes sooner rather than later.


This was to be expected, it was just a question of “when” rather than “if”. A Zune with a phone built in makes sense from a hardware point, but I’m interested to know how WM7 fits in with the whole Windows Phone OS thing. It appears MS is branching off into two directions now.


What’s with the Gadget Gurus title at the top of the page? Are you getting rebranded?

Dr. Julius T. Hibbert, M.D.

Yeah, Kevin, it’s just Windows Mobile 6.5. New branding, same OS they’ve been promoting for months now with the same UI we’ve seen for months now. I’m pretty sure you guys have done posts on WinMo 6.5 these past few months so why do you think it is new? This isn’t even the first time they’ve talked about the “Windows Phone” branding.I’m not trying to be a wise-guy, I’m just a little confused.

Kevin C. Tofel

That’s partially my point: new name for what’s essentially “old but coming soon” bits. Bear in mind that while you and I might have heard about this before, not all of our readers have.

Dr. Julius T. Hibbert, M.D.

I know not everyone has heard about all of this and I wasn’t suggesting that this wasn’t news or that you shouldn’t have posted it. I was confused by the way the post was written. It gave me the impression that you thought this was something new even though I knew that you were already familiar with WinMo 6.5. Just a misunderstanding. ;-)


Hey, I linked to this in the comments the other day. Where’s my thank you?

Only kidding :)

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