5 Tips for Taming Clutter, Online and Off


messy deskEven when you work 100 percent virtually — no pens, no paper, a laptop, and web-based tools and applications — clutter seems inevitable.

I’ll admit, I haven’t gone completely paperless (is it even possible?), and while my clutter in no way compares to what I used to accumulate in previous (non-web) jobs, it still gets in the way at times and needs to be tamed.

Here are a few tricks I use to keep it in check.

1. Keep flat surfaces clear as much as possible.

Desktops, tabletops, filing cabinet tops, and every other flat surface in your workspace should be kept completely clear — no stacks of paper, no files, nothing. Once daily, clear every flat surface in your office. Not only will it keep you from getting frustrated by not having a single surface to set something on, it will also help you stay on top of your work (you know, all those buried to-dos and sticky notes).

2. Do “quick sweeps” regularly.

Give yourself 10 minutes (set a timer, if necessary) and do a quick sweep a few times per day. Put away stray pens, notes, supplies, empty cups, trash, and anything else that has managed to get out of place.

3. Empty your inboxes.

Email, feed readers, to-do lists — they’re like breeding grounds for clutter, and they pile up quickly. At least once a day, clear the decks. Work to completely empty your inboxes so that you don’t get behind and start feeling overwhelmed.

4. Every two hours, set aside twenty minutes for two-minute tasks.

Find those tasks that can be done in two minutes or less — quick email responses, checking your voice mail messages, filing, straightening your desk, running through your to-do list, etc. — and power through them every two hours. Over an eight-hour day, you could get thirty two-minute tasks done this way!

5. Clear your computer screen.

Start work in the morning and before long, you have nine open tabs, and you’re only using two of them. When you stop to do your two-minute tasks or empty your inboxes, go ahead and clear your desktop. It will keep you from getting distracted and keep your computer from slowing down. (Tip: If you need to remember to do something with one or more of the open tabs, send an email to yourself with the subject line, “To Do Today.” Then you can clear your mind from worrying about forgetting something and focus on the task at hand.)

While it’s fairly easy to keep my office (somewhat) organized these days, I still have to take the time to do these few housekeeping tasks. They only take a few minutes, but they save me a lot of frustration and improve productivity.

What quick tips do you have for staying clutter-free? Share your ideas to keep things straight.

Image from Flickr by Matthew Simantov

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