Verizon Fixes the FiOS Twitter Fail

Behold, the power of our colleague Michael Wolf to sway communications giants! Well, that might be overstating it, but earlier this week, Michael wrote a piece about how lame Verizon’s FiOS Twitter app for the TV was (it was just a public stream of tweets about shows). Looks like the squeaky wheel (or lots of disappointed customers) gets the grease because Verizon said this morning via a blog post that it’s expanding the social features of its TV service.

Eric W. Rabe, senior vice president of media relations for Verizon Communications, wrote:

Customers tell us they love the new “social TV” Widgets, but they wanted more. They want to send Tweets, not just look at them. They want to create their own unique Facebook status messages.

Done and done. We have already made the upgrades in New York City, and soon we’ll add them in all other FiOS TV markets too.

Subscribers can Tweet about the TV show they are watching or search and follow their friends’ Tweets.

Viewers can also update their Facebook status with their own messages.

Verizon shouldn’t brag too much about these updates. Twitter without the ability to actually tweet is kinda pointless, so these features should have been baked in from the get go. But already our readers have noticed the upgrades in NYC and even Jersey. For those that have FiOS, have you used the social apps? What do you think?


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